PodCasts from the Diocese

Human beings are created with a body and soul intricately connected. Learn more about our Catholic understanding of the human person.

Click the youtube link to watch the podcast of eminent reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Patrick Lappert M.D., gives his expert view on gender dysphoria and contemporary gender ideologies including the "transgender" ideology. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YK9Bvrl8bYk&feature=emb_logo


Watch: Why marriage? There was a time in this country and beyond when the married family – a mother, father and, God willing, children – was regarded as the obvious building block of a good society, the “first, best, and cheapest, department of health, welfare and education” as the married family was once notably described. 

But the consensus no long exists. Why? What can we do to rebuilt it? And what role can we Catholics play in all that? They are just some of the questions asked in this Diocese of Lansing Podcast to the Diocesan Director of Marriage and Family Life, Rich Budd. He also discusses the Diocese's new marriage preparation guidelines. 

This podcast was recorded on Wednesday, February 10. It is hosted by the Diocese of Lansing's Director of Communications, David Kerr. Click Here to Watch the Podcast Why Marriage?


Click here to watch Diocese of Lansing Gender Identity Policy: A Briefing by Jenny Ingles