Religious Education

Jesus is our peace and He is there for you in the midst of the daily concerns you have for this coming school year.

The staff at St. Mary wants to support you in every way we can. To that end this year we are offering family catechesis for religious education.

 You come once a month with your child/children. Then you will have fun family activities to do at home to make connection with one another and with God.

 You may choose Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday evening from 6 – 7 pm or Saturday morning from 9:30 – 10:30 am.

  We will begin the week of September 20 giving you time to get school underway. A sign up genius will come sometime in September for you to pick your day. A new sign up genius will come each month. We will meet in church with masks and socially distanced.

 Come with all of your children one time or maybe split the age of your children with each parent. For example: both parents could bring your 4 year old and 8th grader. Or one parent could bring the 4 year old one day and the other parent bring the 8th grader another day.

 The monthly presentations will be good for 2nd graders to 8th graders.

 The primary ages – 4 year olds, kindergarten, and 1st grade will probably depend on your child. For primary children one parent could come each month and take the ideas and materials home for the family to do.

We are praying for you, please pray for us,

Marita Martin, Director of Religious Education

And the St. Mary Staff




 Weather Alert: If Chelsea School District does NOT have school, Religious Education Classes are canceled also