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The Hospitality Team has been working on two goals and you probably have noticed our efforts. We have been welcoming the congregation just before the beginning of Mass as well as giving a short statement about the focus of the Mass.
We have also had Greeters at the door, welcoming people as they enter the church.
Thank you to those who have taken on these simple but important duties. It is wonderful to see a variety of people from the congregation take on a small part to add Hospitality to our parish. We do need to add to our volunteer list. The schedule is set around the masses you attend.
The success of our hospitality ministry is based on opportunities for many people to serve each other in our community. As the new year begins, we would like to invite you to connect to one of these ministries with us. Pat Rohrer is our team captain and her email address is Please contact me if you are interested in volunteering to add a bit of Hospitality to our Parish.