Maternity Meals Ministry

My name is NicholeWarriner and I  never really understood how important it is to feed friends who have just had a baby, until I had a baby myself. I always thought bringing a meal was a nice gesture, but it's actually way more than that. It's a lifeline, a blessing in the truest, deepest, kind of way. It is my hope to provide meals for those  families in our St. Mary Parish who have just had a baby in hopes that we can lighten their load, by delivering meals to them after they have these babies! How can you help? I invite you to email St. Mary office at or and let me know you want to participate in this meal ministry. MATERNITY MEALS Ministry, where you can provide meals to new parents, making a huge difference in their life! If you submit your email address to be added to our list of potential meal providers, this only means that you will receive an email invitation to provide a meal to a new mom as the need arises. When you receive the invitation, you can choose to sign up to deliver a meal to that family, or if the timing isn’t right, you can choose to ignore the invitation and wait for the next new mom! If you are aware of any mom in our parish that will be a new mom, please call Beth in the office, 475.7561 and have that family added to our list of new moms who will be on the receiving end of this ministry.  By new mom, we mean anyone welcoming a child into their home, whether it be their first or fifth, birthed or adopted. Thank you!  


To sign up directly for the Meal Misistry email Jenna Hines