Made For Mission

We are happy to announce the Partnership Council Members chosen to represent St. Mary are:

Joe Yekulis, Annie Sherzer, Mary Beth Matherly, Michelle LaRue, Ken Klovski, Kim Manchester and alternate Colleen Kemner 

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Watch: Bishop Boyea's Realigning Ressourses for Mission; An Invitation 

Bishop Earl Boyea  established a 14-member committee to review how the resources of the Diocese of Lansing can be best used to better evangelize all those who live within the bounds of the diocese. 

“Well, this Committee for the Realignment of Resources for Mission in our diocese was really established in order to plan for the future. Where are we going? How are we going to evangelize in our area?” said Bishop Boyea, 30 August, 2019. 

“How are we going to strengthen the faith of those who are members of the household of faith? How are we going to try win back those who have wandered away? And how do we bring in new members to the Church? How do we make Jesus Christ more present in our 10-county diocese?” 

Bishop Boyea’s decision to establish the committee has been informed, he says, by several statistics. The number of priests currently in active ministry across the diocese is 81 compared to the number of parishes which is 74. There is also a continued decline in people attending Sunday Mass with a loss of over 17,000 people since 2009.