Daily Readings & Reflections

April 9 – Friday in the Octave of Easter


In today’s Gospel, (click here) Simon Peter and several of the disciples decide to go fishing. After a night’s work and nothing to show for it, they head for shore, when someone on the shore shouts “Children, have you caught anything to eat?” They answered “No” and this person on the shore suggests that they try the other side of the boat and, of course, the net is full to the breaking point. John realizes that he’s seen this thing once before and he shouts “It’s the Lord!!!”

The joy in John’s heart when he recognizes the Lord spills out and overflows, bringing joy and anticipation of good things to the disciples. We too can be a source of joy when we recognize the Lord and let that joy, like a fountain, flow out from us and enfold all those who are around us.

Deacon Tom